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The Florida Keys History & Discovery Center developed traveling exhibitions in consultation with prominent scholars and subject matter experts to ensure the utmost accuracy and credibility of content. Developed with academic rigor, and vetted with educational goals in mind, our clients can rest assured that our exhibitions are backed by leading scholarly research.


Keys History & Discovery Center Exhibits Available to Loan

History of Farming Pineapples, Hurricanes and Flagler’s Over-sea Railway

The sweet-tasting pineapple has a history that goes back to 1493 when Christopher Columbus first brought the exotic fruit to the New World. Fast-forward 400 years to the Florida Keys where the pineapple was the primary cash crop, growing commercially in the Upper Keys.
Over the course of nearly six decades, pineapple growing proved to be a lucrative business. Though profitable, pineapple farming would ultimately be compromised by a series of hurricanes that struck the island chain between 1906 and 1910. Henry Flagler’s Over-Sea Railway would also prove a factor. To learn more about the history of pineapple farming, the families who grew them and how to grow your own pineapple plant, schedule this unique and educational exhibit in your museum, library or community center. Please contact Program Coordinator, Hannah Brumbalow at hannah@keysdiscovery.com for exhibit specifications and more information.