Foundation Team


Meet our team!



Hannah Brumbalow, Operations Manager

Hannah Brumbalow moved to Florida in 2015 from North Georgia and has fallen in love with the natural beauty of the area. She is married to her childhood sweetheart, has four children, and loves spending time on the water and at the beach, where she finds inspiration for her passion of photography. Hannah’s career path began at the University of Louisville, where she was a cheerleader and discovered her interest in communication. Hannah graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Science and returned home to Georgia where she started her family. She began a 17-year career in the medica

l field and enjoyed caring for others. Hannah has transitioned to a full-time career in photography, events and marketing. She has worked with a variety of programs and clients, from small businesses to large corporations, to create stunning images and effective marketing campaigns. She believes that photography is a powerful tool for raising awareness about environmental issues and is committed to using her skills to make a positive impact on the world. She is excited to bring her talents to the Florida Keys History & Discovery Center.






Tara Khan, Membership/Patron Services Assistant

Tara Khan has been a native of the Florida Keys for the past two decades. She’s embedded into the culture and community of the Keys and is keen on being involved with local residents as much as possible. Whether it be volunteering or just lending a helping hand, she is a friend to all. Some of her passions include cooking, baking, working out and spending quality time with her loved ones in New York and California. 
Tara is an incredibly passionate and dedicated addition to our family. She has brought love and light to our team and we are so happy to have her! 






Vivian Morrison, Foundation Consultant

Vivian Morrison is an Islamorada resident and nonprofit consultant with extensive experience in community engagement and fundraising. She has previously served as director of Outreach for the Everglades Foundation and director of Community Relations for the University of Miami. Vivian has served on a wide range of non-profit boards and special event committees working with local, regional and national organizations. She lived in Puerto Rico for 15 years and speaks Spanish fluently. She has brought a new insight and direction to the foundation and we are so happy to have her as part of our family!






Blake Terry, Mote Aquarium Biologist III/Coral Technician

Blake moved to the Florida keys in 2018 to work for Mote Marine Lab at the Florida Keys History & Discovery Center. He has been taking care of the aquariums here at the museum since their installation. Blake also helps out at the Mote coral nurseries in the upper keys. In his spare time Blake likes to go to garage sales and collect vintage t-shirts.