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Ken and Dee Meeks (Indian Key)
Monroe County Tourist Development Council (Theater, Indians and First People, Spanish Treasure Fleets, Pirates/Wreckers/Salvagers, and Stories of the Upper Keys)
Caribee Boat Sales & Marina (Legends of the Line)
The Charles G. Wright Endowment for Humanity (Stories of the Upper Keys)
Flagler’s Folly Society (Stories of the Upper Keys)

Charter Club Members ($10,000)

The Arnold and Makepeace Families
Mrs. George M. Barley Jr.
The Biondoletti Family
Joseph B. and Cerise Pinder III
Jim and Maryann Bokor
Bill and Donna Bolton
Capt. Skip and Lisa Bradeen
Dan and Connie Burkhardt
Justin and Emily Carter
The Cockerham Family
The David Curry Family
Rosemary Duke
Brett Ekblom and Family
The Everglades Trust
Karl and Patricia Haase & Family
Frank and Inge Hawkins
George and Dorothy Hertel
Steven and Kathy Holmes
Joseph and Debra Jiovenetta & Family
Dr. Kinzy and Sharon Jones
The Ken Knudsen Family
Dr. Jerry and Judy Layne
Robert and Joanne Leef
The Lindback Family
Bob and Patty Lodge
Scott and Debi McFarland
The Al McLeod Family
Louis E. Miranda
Bob and Phyllis Mitchell
Mote Marine Laboratory
Scott and Danette Newberry
The Gary and Beth Nichols Family
Bill and Sharron O’Brien
Ocean Reef Community Foundation
Russell Post – Ocean Sotheby’s International Realty
Dr. Darel and Mary Pruett
Redbone Gallery
Joe and Lindy Roth Foundation
The Rich Russell Family
Dick and Andi Saylor
Alan and Elaine Schulberg
Cale and Margie Smith
Norman and Bonnie Sorensen
James and Lori Terra
Randy and Linda Thomas
Vicki L. Walker
Stephen and Judith Wertheimer
The Charles G. Wright Endowment for Humanity
Roger, Lee, Kayleigh and Madison Young

Indian Key ($10,000)
Coastal Contracting Group and H.L. Mullins
The Islander Resort


Tea Table ($5,000)

Matecumbe ($2,500)

Florida Keys Electric Cooperative
Michael & Janis Walsh

Windley Key ($1,000)

Amara Cay Resort
Capt. Vinnie Biondoletti
Steve and Susan Burke
Islamorada Investment Management
Capt. Ken Knudsen
Jerry and Kathlynn Lear
Lodge Enterprises
Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar
Matecumbe United Methodist Church
Sam and Erin Muir
Regan Insurance
Jim Reynolds and Lee Gannaway
Trading Post
Windy Day Plumbing

Isla Morada ($750)

Planter ($500)

Richard and Anne Broyhill
Patricia Roe
Michael and Lori Sullivan
Theater of the Sea

Flagler’s Folly Society – a group of young professionals ($250)

A-Rated Insurance Group
Elizabeth Baxter
Karly Campbell
Justin and Emily Carter
Judith Daykin
John and Kate DeLoach
Demetrios Efstration
Eric and Laura Ciampa
Lorenzo and Kati Giles
Kris Gustinger
Audra Hill
Andre Hopman
Sam and Liz Huddleston
Alicia Jensen
Jeremy and Theresa Yong
Frank and Chonda Juliano
Chris and Tania Mattson
Jeremy Miller
Michael Mooney
Sam and Erin Muir
Paul and Heidi Nute
Anne Osborne and Bill Stevens
Debbie Pierog
Mark and Lindsay Poetz
Ryan and Holly Raschein
Rob and Claudia Stober

Rock Harbor ($250)

Action Marine & Dive, Inc.
Meg and Lori Blair
Jim and Mary Boilini
Dean and Julie Eakin
Deborah Gillis
Keys to Peace
Amy Knowles
Bob and Dee Shelton
Scott and Sue Purvis
Larry Simmons
Ray and Mary Jane Tacoma
Silver Law Group
Jim and Judy Winstel

Family ($150)

Ted and Sara Blackburn
Blain and Caren Brinson
Jack Butters
Dirk Waltz and Marti Cederberg
Duncan Delhey and Mary St. Ville
Thomas Ferguson
Timothy Francis
Paula Friedman
Hal and Sharon Goforth
Joe and Janus Greer
Leon Handschuh
Laura Heinrich
John Stuart and Jill Hayes
Jim and Alicia Kudiba
John and Cathy Langston
Jerry and Debbie O’Cathey
Ken and Kathy O’Rourke
Richie and Donna Hansen
William Rivenbark
Scott Russell
Sam Weis and Renee Salant
I.E. and Betty Ann Schilling
Tim and Lynda Lindholm

Dual ($100)

J. Ashley Adamo
Ken and Juan Ahonen-Jover
Marilyn Allen
Bill Anderson and Mabel Basniles
Pete Bacheler
Robert and Joan Baker
Liz Bankhead
David and Debbie Barrow
Valerie Barth
Leslie Bennett
Larry and Marianne Benvenuti
Diana Bernard
Michael and Kim Bertzel
Archer and Sandy Bishop
Steve and Ann Bolin
Bill and Jaye Boswell
Tom and Judi Bray
Allen Brock
Bill Busemeyer
Dennis and Lee Caltagirone
Bob and Mariela Care
Brenda Carr
Ron Childree and Anne Baxter
Sarah Cizmas
David and Christina Clark
Meredith Cline and Linda Jones
Ronald Cole and Marilyn Rogers
Dan and Mary Ann Connell
Peter and Laura Connell
John and Pat Conran
Allison DeFoor
Al and Martha DeGraaff
DeMoss Financial, Inc.
Frank and Suzanne Donovan
Greg Draper and Desiree Weick
Anne Dunn and Charles Pellicier
Terry and Ellen Eisch
Terry Estep
David and Nancy Gilbert
Richard and Elizabeth Greco
Robert Goggin
Mercy Guevara
James and Renee Ha
Judy Hanekamp
Gretchen Holland
Neal and Sarah Hoover
Don Horton and Carla Bahn
Andy and Missy Gagarin
Mike and Emily Guarino
Jeff and Tricia Hynes
Carl and Christine Johanson
Ric Johnson and Phyllis Donat
Tom and Joanna Jones
Bill Keogh
Don and Barbara Kinser
Tim and Marybeth Klein
Gary & Sandy Kornheiser
Jack and Susan Ley
Jon and Julie Landau
Anthony and Kristina Landino
Hugh Laumeister
Karl Lessard
Charles Logan
Bruce Matheson
Frederick and Carina Matthews
Scarlett Miller-Bertolami
John and Susan Mraz
Michael and Deidre Neal
Hunter and Holly Padgett
Don and Stephanie Palmer
Norman and Mary Jo Parker
Mike and Karen Patterson
Paul and Kim Plascjak
Elaine Randolph
Susan Recarey
Jason Renkes
Ellen Rentz
Michael Resnick
Lee and Janice Riemer
Lonell Rice
Ben Roche
John and Beverly Rowe
Mary Lou Rubin and Alan Rappaport
Jack and Linda Salisbury
Bob and Cris Sandiford
Siegfried and Joan Scholz
George and Louise Scott
Jim and Maurilla Sewares
Mike and Carol Shipley
Anda Skambraks
Capt. Spencer Slate
Don and Martha Smith
Don Stier
James Stoker
Anthony and Theresa Sutter
Ty and Sheri Totte
James and Denise Tunney
Mark and Eileen Turbessi
Ignacio and Janice Uriarte
Wayne and Cindy Varney
Edna Waldorf
Walter Walkington and Martha Singleton
Peter and Cathy Walters
Victor and Lynne Weiger
Joe and Tracy Widener
William and Connie Smith
Clarice Yentsch
Joel and Bonnie Young
Carrol Walsh
Leroy and Marlene Zacher
Joe and Diane Ziomek

Individual ($65)

Charlotte Ambrogio
Ana Ancheta
Pat Anderson
Mellanie Aubry
Kerby Avedovech
John Bangma
Karen Beal
Dianne Bean
Ralph Berard
Sharon Braunberns
Betsy Bullard
Jack Burrie
Loralea Carrera
Robert Chester
Judith Cooley
Susan Cooper
Johanna Czerny
Cindy Dawson
Marie DeLuca
Donna DeWeil
Angela Dillon
Denise Downing
Jacqueline Dozier
Daryl Duda
Xavier Figueredo
Peter Frezza
Beryl Given
Robert Guenther
Aaron Hetwig
Betty Keller
Gail Kennedy-McManus
Mary Jo Kisko
John Kipp
Buddy Klein
Barbara Koch
Nicole Kraus
Joan Langley
Carol Larson
Robert Lockwood
Angie Lucas
Brian Magrane
Ian Martin
Sheri Mather
Nancy Mesinger
Connie Miller
Barbara Neal
Elmer Olhaber
John Peacock
Linda Pollack
Retz Reeves
John Ribble
Cheryl Roll
Frank Rose
Gladys Swanson
Sara Whittier
Mary Williams
Janet Wood

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