Our Supporters

The Florida Keys History & Discovery Center is proudly presented by Ken and Dee Meeks

Capital Project Supporters
Ken and Dee Meeks (Indian Key)
Monroe County Tourist Development Council (Theater, Indians and First People, Spanish Treasure Fleets, Pirates/Wreckers/Salvagers, Stories of the Upper Keys, Jerry Wilkinson Research Library, Coral Reef Exploration)
Caribee Boat Sales & Marina (Legends of the Line)
In memory of Harold and Bettie Bartlett who loved the waters of the Florida Keys (Coral Reef Exploration)
The Russell, Knudsen & Samuels Families in honor of Juanita Russell Knudsen (Coral Reef Exploration)
The Charles G. Wright Endowment for Humanity (Stories of the Upper Keys, Coral Reef Exploration, Theater, Highway Signage)
Mote Marine Laboratory (Coral Reef Exploration)
Flagler’s Folly Society (Stories of the Upper Keys)
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative (Stories of the Upper Keys, Jerry Wilkinson Research Library)
Bob and Phyllis Mitchell (Theater, Highway Signage)
Jim and Maryann Bokor (Jerry Wilkinson Research Library)
Historical Preservation Society of the Upper Keys (Jerry Wilkinson Research Library)
Linda Jones (Jerry Wilkinson Research Library)
Joe and Lindy Roth Foundation (Theater, Highway Signage, Jerry Wilkinson Research Library, Bronze Cannon)
Jerry and Mary Lou Wilkinson (Jerry Wilkinson Research Library)
Bob and Phyllis Mitchell in the name of Devon Cable and Zach Cable (Coral Reef Exploration)
Lindback Family (Coral Reef Exploration)
Ocean Reef Conservation Association (Coral Reef Exploration)
Barbara Haudenshield (Coral Reef Exploration)
Amy Knowles (Coral Reef Exploration)
Suzanne Miller (Coral Reef Exploration)
Janet Bailey (Caroenas Cuban Boat)
Steven and Kathy Holmes (Theater, Caroenas Cuban Boat)
Keys Searchers Chapter 1414 of the Questers (Caroenas Cuban Boat)
Elaine Schulberg, Remembering Alan Schulberg 1934-2018 (Caroenas Cuban Boat)
John and Sally Eaton (Caroenas Cuban Boat)
Mrs. George M. Barley Jr. (Theater, Bronze Cannon)
Chris and Dave Clark (Bronze Cannon)
The Everglades Trust (Bronze Cannon)
The Knudsen Family (Theater, Bronze Cannon)
Bob and Patty Lodge (Bronze Cannon)
The Rich Russell Family (Theater, Bronze Cannon)
Bill and Sharron O’Brien (Bronze Cannon)
J.C. Russell, in memory of his parents Floyd C. and Melissa J. Russell (Bronze Cannon)
The Lindback Family (Theater)
Kinzy and Sharon Jones (Theater)
Cale and Margie Smith (Theater)
David and Jamie Engel (Theater)
Centennial Bank (Theater)
Gretchen Holland (Theater)
Vic and Lynne Weiger in memory of Bob Mitchell (Anchor Exhibit)

General and Program Supporters

Ken and Dee Meeks (Rotating Exhibit, General)
Florida Humanities (Walk Historic Islamorada Tour, Walk Indian Key Tour, Lecture Series)
David and Debra Andreas (General)
The Everglades Foundation (Rotating Exhibit, Lecture)
Mote Marine Laboratory (Rotating Exhibit)
Robertson Foundation (General)
Louis Miranda (General, Lecture Series)
Mrs. George M. Barley Jr. (Rotating Exhibit, General)
Bob and Phyllis Mitchell (General)
Richard and Anne Broyhill (General, Lecture Series)
The Lowe Family (General)
Jim and Maryann Bokor (General)
John Cooper in loving memory of Bernadine “Bernie” Cooper (Lecture Series)
Leo and Marisol Tallo (General)
Nelson Puett Foundation (General)
Lindy and Joe Roth (General)
Michael and Janis Walsh (General)
Phyllis Mitchell in Memory of Robert L. Mitchell (Lecture Series)
Community Foundation of the Florida Keys (Lecture Series)
Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys (Lecture Series)
Stephen and Cristina Pearse (Virtual Programming)
Bob and Patty Lodge (General)
J.C. and Carol Russell (General)
Reef Seekers (General)
AshBritt Foundation, Inc. (General)
Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association (Rotating Exhibit)
Hibiscus Marketing (Rotating Exhibit)
Florida Keys Council of the Arts (Lecture Series)
Jim and Alicia Kubida (General)
Innovative Technology Solutions (General)
Key Lantern Motel (General)
Allen Wood (General)
Nicola Rudolph (General)
Barbara Pugh (General)
Bob and Sue DiLoreto in memory of Bob Mitchell (General)
Todd Turrell (General)
Anonymous Donor in memory of Dee Meeks (Lecture Series)
Max and Anne Makowsky (Lecture Series)
Dr. Anthony DeLuca and Marie DeLuca (Lecture Series)
John Bangma (Lecture Series)
Linda Jones (Lecture Series)
Anonymous Donor from Key Largo (Lecture Series)
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Sharon Crosby (Lecture Series)
First State Bank of the Florida Keys (Lecture Series)
Patricia Witchel (Lecture Series)
Nancy Zakon (Lecture Series)

Legacy Society

Mrs. George M. Barley Jr.
Bob and Patty Lodge

Charter Club Members ($10,000)

The Arnold and Makepeace Families
Mrs. George M. Barley Jr.
The Biondoletti Family
Joseph B. and Cerise Pinder III
Jim and Maryann Bokor
Bill and Donna Bolton
Capt. Skip and Lisa Bradeen
Dan and Connie Burkhardt
The Cockerham Family
The David Curry Family
Rosemary Duke
Terry and Ellen Eisch
Brett Ekblom and Family
The Everglades Trust
Karl and Patricia Haase & Family
Frank and Inge Hawkins
George and Dorothy Hertel
Steven and Kathy Holmes
Joseph and Debra Jiovenetta & Family
Dr. Kinzy and Sharon Jones
The Ken Knudsen Family
Dr. Jerry and Judy Layne
Robert and Joanne Leef
The Lindback Family
Bob and Patty Lodge
Scott and Debi McFarland
The Al McLeod Family
Louis E. Miranda
Bob and Phyllis Mitchell
Mote Marine Laboratory
Scott and Danette Newberry
The Gary and Beth Nichols Family
Bill and Sharron O’Brien
Ocean Reef Community Foundation
Russell Post – Ocean Sotheby’s International Realty
Dr. Darel and Mary Pruett
Redbone Gallery
Joe and Lindy Roth Foundation
The Rich Russell Family
Dick and Andi Saylor
Alan and Elaine Schulberg
Cale and Margie Smith
Norman and Bonnie Sorensen
James Terra
Randy and Linda Thomas
Vicki L. Walker
Stephen and Judith Wertheimer
The Charles G. Wright Endowment for Humanity
Roger, Lee, Kayleigh and Madison Young

Indian Key Annual Members ($10,000)
Bonefish & Tarpon Trust
Charles G. Wright Endowment for Humanity
David and Annette Curry
The Islander Resort

Tea Table Annual Members ($5,000)
Ann and Hollis Petersen
Lindy and Joe Roth
Michael and Katherine Sullivan and Family

Matecumbe Annual Members ($2,500)
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative
Ocean Sotheby’s International Realty
Mary and Rich Russell

Windley Key Annual Members ($1,000)
Duane Baker and Jill Miranda Baker
Stephen and Susan Burke
Deborah Gillis / Blue Fin Inn / Key Lantern Motel
First Horizon Bank
Islamorada Investment Management
Island Construction Management
Keys Searchers Chapter 1414 of the Questers
Lodge Enterprises LLC
Tammi Lowe
Matecumbe United Methodist Church
Vivian and Greg Morrison
Sam and Erin Muir (Flagler’s Folly Society members)
Charlie and Jacqueline Olynyk
Derek Papp (Flagler’s Folly Society member)
Don and Donna Quincey
Regan Roth Insurance
Shell World
Theater of the Sea
Ray and Nelcy Ventrice

Planter Annual Members ($500)
Dr. Jim and Mary Boilini
Will and Cheryl Harman
Gerry and Kathlynn Lear
Phyllis Mitchell
Mike and Maureen Sabbagh
Andi and Dick Saylor

Flagler’s Folly Society Annual Members–Young Professionals Group ($250)
Sarah Cizmas and Doug Mayer
Marilyn Clark and John Karlovec
Kate and John DeLoach 
Samuel and Elizabeth Huddleston
Holly Merrill Raschein
Audra and Bobby Wallace

Rock Harbor Annual Members ($250)
Loralea Carrera
Chris and Dave Clark
Donald and Alina Davis
Terry and Ellen Eisch
Steven and Kathy Holmes
Peggy Jayme and Randy Cole
Paddi LeShane and Patrick Sullivan
Long Key Ladies Club
Hal and Marcia Martin
Cheryl Massingale
Jim Mooney and Charity Rebl
John and Maria Pistorino
Scott and Sue Purvis
Lesli and Ray Rogers
Elaine Schulberg
Michael and Lori Sullivan
Ray and Mary Jane Tacoma
Ty and Sheryl Totte
Louise Wilson and Family
Joel and Bonnie Young
David and Patti Zelch

Family Annual Members ($150)
Al and D.A. Aldridge
Roberto and Ana Alonso
Rick and Sue Barrows
David Byrum
Anthony and Marie DeLuca
Jacqueline Dozier
Tom and Sue Ferguson
Xavier Figueredo and Elizabeth Jolin
Patti and David Gross
Bonnie Greenberg and Arthur Jansik
The Hammon Family
Scott, Alina, Quinton, Stephanie and Brett Huffman
Joey, Christine, Saydie, Sawyer and Sonoma Hendrix
Jon and Mary Ellen Holler
Barbara and Don Kinser
Tim and Lynda Lindholm
Joe and Kenny Lunsford
Anne Makowsky
Maureen and Bill McDonough
William G. Rivenbark and Catherine B. Swanson
Chris and Pam Sante
Bob and Kristie Thomas
Bob and Carol Webbon
Sue and Wally Whitley

Dual Annual Members ($100)
Terry and Corie Abel
Bill Anderson and Mabel Vasniles
John and Judy Arnold
Mellanie Aubry and Donald Willard
Michael Balko
Richard and Liz Bankhead
David and Debbie Barrow
Theresa and John Behrendt
Kathy and Bill Bell
Bill and Jaye Boswell
Capt. Skip and Lisa Bradeen
Tom and Judi Bray
Randolph and Cathryn Brennan
Allen Brock
Tom and Barbara Burkard
Tom and Brenda Callahan
Dennis and Lee Caltagirone
John and Pat Conran
Mike and Bonnie Crosby
Allison and Randy DeFoor
Nancy and Alex de Gunten
Adrienne DiPrima and Donna Smorchoke
John and Sally Eaton
Bernard and Deborah Fagan
Jerry and Gerry Ferris
Robert and Carol Filoramo
Rodney and Casey Fletcher
Paula and Greg Friedman
Robert and Janice Geisler
Roger and Stephanie Gill
Randall and Arana Glass
John and Mary Jo Gohmann
Felton and Patti Graham
Jim and Renee Ha
Jimmy and Caroline Hendrix
Joe and Kathy Hendrix
Bob and Ellen Hilton
Kaye Hohlfeldt
Gretchen Holland
Norman and Gail Hosselbarth
Jeff and Tricia Hynes
Don and Sheila Janda
Bernie and Beth Jansen
Carl and Christine Johanson
Gregory and Barbara Koch
Barry and Eva Krischer
Jim and Kathie Kunzler
Jim and Teri Lacey
John and Catherine Langston
Dr. Jerry and Judy Layne
Larry and Linda Lloyd
Charles Logan and Claire Kennett
Jon and Anna Lutter
Stanley and Jenny Margulies
Suzanne and Warren McInteer
Cindi McLaughlin and Sara Turner
Ken and Mary Lou Moran
Sue and John Mraz
Elena Muratori
Bob Murray and Barbara Overton
Linda and Ralph Norman
Bob and Debbie Norris
David and Susan Pamperin
Stephen and Cristina Pearse
Linda Pollock and Franklin Rose
George and Donna Poole
Charles and Heather Post
Henry Quintana
Alan Rapperport
Susan Recarey
Edward and Rochelle Reino
Bill and Marcey Reynolds
Lonell Rice
John and Marilyn Rintamaki
Mary Lou Rubin
Susan and Joe Sachs
Jack and Linda Salisbury
Ken Schreiber and Janet Apostle
Siegfried and Joan Scholz
Sharon Sealy and Daniel Ganim
Ed and Jody Seck
Bob and Dee Shelton
Janice Silcox and Clyde Upchurch
Don and Martha Smith
Marilyn and Jim Smith
Betsy and Peter Snow
Jim and Marilyn Snyder
Barbara Steiner and Robert Schmidt
Ray and Anne Stewart
Don Stier
Robert and Shelli Stoker
Bill Stockton and Patsy Farley
John Stuart and Jill Hayes
Theresa and Anthony Sutter
Dave and Darlene Svacina
Kathleen Todt
April Tracy
Michael and Sara Tracy
Walter Walkington and Martha Singleton
Wayne and Kelly Walkotten
Dirk and Martha Waltz
Marcia Weflen and Michael Weflen
Fred Wilmot and Deborah Cole
Patricia L. Witchel
Gerry Yeager
Leroy and Marlene Zacher
Alan and Nancy Zakon
Joe and Diane Ziomek

Individual Annual Members ($65)
Jack F. Agnew
Brenda S. Altmeier
Charlotte Ambrogio
Martha “Marty” Ardren
Toby Armour
Karen Averitt
Pete Bacheler
Bonnie E. Barnes
Dr. Sally E. Bauer
Anne Baxter
Karen Beal
John Burrie
Dan Caylor
Robert A. Chester
John C. Cooper
Valerie Dann
Joseph A. Darrell
Brandon DeWitt
Denise Downing
Daryl Duda
Anne Dunn
Sarah Fangman
Bonnie Fjelde
Terri Ford
Peter Frezza
Renee Griffin
Victoria Grimm
Dr. William L. Hardy, MD
David W. Hartman
Mary Jo Kisko
John Kloos
Hobie Kostyk
Karen Kovarik
Bruce Kruglick MD
Joan Langley
Bruce Levy
Cindy Lewis
Angie Lucas
Patrick Mansell
Martha Meroni
Connie Miller
Roland H. Moore
Barbara Neal
Charles Pellicier
Maria Perez
Heather Pierce Post
Andrea Pouliot
Johanna Purvis
Katrina Reneau
Ben Roche
Cheryl Rollings
Don Simonson
Howard Soldan II
John Usher
Martin Waack
Sara Whittier

Student Annual Members ($25)
Cian Craig

Updated as of January 21, 2022

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