The Florida Keys History & Discovery Center’s Rotating Gallery through its changing exhibits seeks to create a dynamic visual experience for residents and visitors, increase exposure and opportunities for artists who live and work in the Upper Keys, and educate the public about history and the unique ecosystems of the Florida Keys. To keeps things fresh, the FKHDC’s rotations occur every two to four months. That means a greater number of stories from the museums’ collections may be exhibited over time—a boon to the museums’ teaching and learning mission.


Florida Keys History and Discovery Center

is now presenting…

Alicia Leal Veloz 
Sancti Spíritus, Cuba.  

In 2001 he was awarded with the Order for Cuban National Culture and the Artistic Merit Diploma given by the Superior Institute of Art. Alicia Leal graduated in 1980, from the specialty of Plastic Arts of San Alejandro Fine Arts School, Havana, Cuba. She has done more than thirty personal exhibitions and over two hundred collective, which has allowed her works be part of private and institutional collections in several countries. She has the Order for National Culture and the Artistic Merit Diploma given by the National Institute of Cuba Fine Arts. She has received significant awards for her fabulous artwork.  

“It is true that nearly all of Alicia’s work turns on the subconscious; but the roots of her arguments are embedded in a conscientious analysis of the Cuban context in which women tend to occupy a protagonist role which, nevertheless, escapes the typical sensation of alienation that the condition of feminine spirituality has always generated: shunned and relegated to what seems like eternal penitence. Wherever Alicia places a woman, whether in images referring to the mythical universe of the Island or the intricate relationships of couples and families, she almost always does so by demanding the privilege of being the central and metaphoric inspiration for the narrative structure. The impediments and resources for the fantastic episodes and what they recreate, permit her to enjoy a faculty, a power that belongs to her naturally and whose basis seems to be her ability to offer compassion and support to others.” David Mateo, Art Critic

Member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC). 
Commission Member of the International Culture Image. 

Main permanent collections:  

  • Center for Cuban Studies. New York, USA. 
  • Embassy of Spain in the United Nations. New York, USA. 
  • Las Américas Museum. Managua, Nicaragua. 
  • Museum der BildendeKunst. Leipzig, Germany. 
  • Saint Thomas University. Houston, Texas, USA. 
  • The National Gallery of Jamaica. Kingston, Jamaica. 
  • Chapel of Man, Guayasamín Foundation. Quito, Ecuador. 
  • WismaKebudayaan SGM. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
  • Cuba Ministryof Culture. Havana, Cuba.