Summer Scholars 2024

Meet our Summer Scholars!



Heather Gonyeau

Heather Gonyeau moved to Florida in 2016 to pursue her doctorate in history at the University of Florida. She specializes in the histories of Florida and the Caribbean. Heather’s always held a special interest in museums, emphasizing the need to make history fun and accessible to the public. She has previously worked on collections at George Mason University and the University of Florida. This will be Heather’s third summer at the FKHDC. She is looking forward to expanding our digitized offerings and working with Lisa to preserve our archival collections. 




Lisa Kelman

A Florida native, Lisa Kelman has been working for more than 20 years with private collectors and institutions to preserve collections in the US and Europe.   Specializing in cultural heritage and the preservation of material culture, she is interested in the preservation of the history of the Florida Keys. 


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