Our Digitization Story Begins…

The Florida Keys History & Discovery Foundation (FKHDF) has embarked on a digitization of items we have received over the years that have been contributed to the Foundation from various collections including the Jerry Wilkinson Collection, Willie Drye Collection, Jim Clupper Collection, and many more items that the community has entrusted in our care.

During this past Summer, 2022, FKHDF recruited 14 graduate students from across the country to assist in the digitization of the collection, working in two “classes” for four weeks each, daily cleaning, rehousing, photographing, and cataloging these artifacts, photographs, books, pamphlets, white papers, and memorabilia that will form the basis of our collection. 

FKHDF is making this collection available to the public so that they can request and/or access heretofore difficult resources (unless searching through shelves or boxes) of materials that can help educate and inform generations to come. 

We cannot thank these Graduate students enough for becoming the initial class of interns to make this possible. In addition, a private group stepped up to provide housing for the entire eight weeks for all of the Graduates, which is what tipped the scales to make this all possible. 

Please enjoy learning as we are about each of the invaluable items within the walls of your museum as we grow the inventory of scanned objects over the next eight weeks.

If you would like to support the work we are doing, we appreciate your contributions as supplies have been costly to rehouse these items. Please take a few moments to drop by the museum and watch our Graduate students at work, as this is an exciting process.

Permanent Collection

We do not know how many items we have amassed over the years. Contributions consist of postcards, paintings, artifacts, photographs, ordnance, books, periodicals, bones, shards, and so much more. Through the contributions by our donors, the Florida Keys History & Discovery Foundation’s collection continues to grow. 

Our Online Collection

FKHDF is committed to making our collections available to researchers, locals and visitors throughout the world, so that history can be used to help us understand our past and embrace our heritage. We will continue to expand the collection beyond the initial eight week Intensive Graduate Internship Program, with recruitment of volunteers and interns to continue the cataloging process and update existing entries.

We cannot estimate a completion date at this time and are hopeful you will return again and again to see what’s new and exciting. Click here to view our online collections.

Flagler train representing a sample of our collections

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